1 GB/s vs 10 GB/s – Why It Doesn’t Matter For Sneaker Bots

Many people come to us and request a 10 GB/s network line to be used on their VPS because they believe that 10 GB/s is faster than 1 GB/s.

We’re going to explain why this is just a marketing ploy and a scam from companies that are trying to tell you otherwise.

Here’s the deal…

A 1 GB/s line is equal to ~333TB of data downloaded per month.

That is equal to:

  • 10.8 TB/day
  • 450 GB/hr
  • 7.5 GB/min
  • 125 MB/s

An average web page that is loaded with sneaker software (and not a browser) has 0.1 mb to 0.2 mb of data to be downloaded.

The reason it differs with a browser is because you are downloading pictures, images, javascript, etc – stuff that bots do not download or care about.

You can test this in a console by using “wget” command (ex: wget http://blazingseollc.com/).

That being said, with a 1 GB/s network line you can open a web page 1250 times every second!

Remember, the network line is “1 gigabyte of data that can be downloaded in 1 second”, and a 10 Gbps line would be “10 gigabytes of data that can be downloaded in 1 second”. Unless you are actually using all of that network line (1250 open connections every 1 second), then you are downloading the websites at the same speed on either network line.

Ask yourself this
Can your software even allow you to run 1250 threads, let alone 1250 threads every second? The answer is absolutely not, unless you are on a very powerful dedicated server that will cost you hundreds of dollars a month (especially not on a VPS).

This means bandwidth isn’t important at all in terms of speed.

So what is you ask?


Here’s how…


When you connect to a website via a proxy, your request needs to go from your VPS to the proxy, and then from the proxy to the website, and then BACK.

If you’re not using a provider that hosts his proxies and VPS’s with the same ISP and same datacenter, you’re adding additional latency between your requests.

In other words, it’s slower.

With our VPS’s and Blazing Proxies, you get this convenience and extra speed at no extra cost!

Hopefully this clears up any confusion, and when some other VPS company tries selling you a 10 GB/s network line as being better than 1 Gbps – you can kindly refer them to this article.